Rank 6, Deathwatch Captain Apothecary of the Dark Hands Chapter.


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Wnds Fate
50 50 50 50 40 75 60 40 60 25 4
12 10 9
Mark VI “Corvus” Power Armor with A Hero’s Spirit and Trophies of Battle.
Robe of Secrets Chapter trapping (+3 on Forbidden Lore: Heresy)
Exceptional Craftsmanship Diagnoster Helm Signature Wargear
Common Craftsmanship Power Axe Signature Wargear
Master-crafted Chainsword
Master-crafted Iron Halo
Chapter Advance: Knowledge is Power
1st Company Veteran
Deathwatch Captain

Skills: Awareness +10, Command +20, Demolition +10, Forbidden Lore: Black Library, Forbidden Lore: Heresy +10, Medicae +10, Pilot:Personal, Scholastic Lore: War, Tactics:Recon and Stealth/Assault Doctrine

Talents: Sound Constitution x2, Tech Use, Hatred(Tyranids), Infused Knowledge

Traits/Deeds/Glory: Crux Terminus ,Imperials ,Prime Helix* ,and Iron Halo.

Standard Gear:Reductor, Narthecium, Exceptional Diagnoster Helm, Power Axe, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Master-crafted Chainsword, Master-crafted Iron Halo

The Dark Hands are an Unknown Founded Chapter of the Dark Angels. They are a Fleet based chapter with a damaged fleet after a major battle with Orcs on Piscina IV. Nemiel was picked out to become an apothecary after Sergeant Cadmos of the Dark Hands 8th Company 4th Tactical Squad saw his unrelenting fury and medical skills while holding a ridge with himself and 2 other battle brothers from a seemingly endless tide of Orcs for 2 days. Using make shift medicine to repair his brothers during lulls in battle, Nemiel seemed to have a “knack” for fixing the Emperor’s Finest. After the battle, Cadmos was promoted to 8th Company Captain and sent Nemiel to learn the required skills to help fix the brothers of his Company. Soon after returning to the 8th Company, Cadmos sent Nemiel to the Deathwatch in search of more knowledge that will help Cadmos and 8th Company hunt down or help the Dark Angels hunt down the Fallen brethren of Caliban.


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