Light Cruiser

Traits of : Wrathful, Turbulent past -20 Nobles/+20 Workers-Mutants, Wrested from a Space Hulk.

recent modifications are Instalation of Astartes Drop pod rails 3.
A jury rigged Astares boarding torpedo foward firing 25% chance each time foward lance is fired it is burned away.

A refitted cargo hold containing Asaters Deathwatch equipment. equipepedd with fail-safe Charges.

Mission console set into bridge with gene-code filter and meme crystal slates /w felling(2),anticoagulant-no toughness re-rolls.

Crew is desendants of prevois crew. Most Mutations are from exposure to chem and rad some are genetic due to the ship having to alter marriage patterns to postpon the worst of the mutations.
But varing your stock with astropaths and violating navigator house accords does do certan things.

A ship wide cult is on the move started by a sorritis of battle and the mutants fashion elegant bionics to replace repugnant limbs in a elaborate ceromony of rebirth.

being ship bound most take it serious any threat to there Home.
each cross trains in a task for a number of years before rotating duties closely related to the last post.

deep inner holds near engernarium is off limits to outsiders as is the same with the outer holds.
the excuse given for the engiines is bad sheilding and the one for the outer hulls is weaks gellar feilds.


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