High View Market

Trade village
minor brick fort
located near a waterway and a land trade/travel route.
players come from outlying communities / town jobs or duties. rural.
technology level is feral to medival.
gunpowder is unknown.
Xenos are unknown.
imperium at large is unknown.
Chaos is unknown.
space marine are unknown.
Psykers are unknown.and are magic users and will steal your soul when you sleep
your idea of an “Inquisitor”. IF, you ever heard of one. would be a legal official like an auditor to check on grain and or debts owed “something like that”. a bookkeeper or sheriff.
local beliefs
Mutants are not real.
magic users are not real.
magic users are all evil and steal peoples souls.
stay indoors at night, if in town stay in well light areas.
Hold at least 3 seasonal fest’s during the twighlight/night of the winter months and 2 during the summer.

POPULATION in town : 1200+ in outlying 20 mile r’ 450+,next 10mile r’ 50+.
past unknown. farming villages , hunting and trapping shacks.

largest import; preservatives. largest exports; furs and cured meats

Unknown is planetwide. All characters start from planet.
dont have to start from town area but you would have been stranded here for unumberable years if you traveled from else where. 4+ 1d0 added to characters age.

game notes:
p.92 Inquisitors handbook, p95 gunpowde rweapons are unique, p99items Unavailiable chain-stick,doubleflail,lightning gauntlet,lighting chain, moonblade,punch dagger,steam drill,spetum. p.101 silk mail x5 cost, scale armour is unique.

High View Market

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