'Da Fort

Ork outpost
5 of the six tribes of orks are represented here. The Blood Axe tribe may all be hiding, killed off or hired themselves out with their un’orkiness.
Recently reduced to a population of 48 due to some border disputes and who was in charge after tha’ boss’s died.
Counted as a victory since we was left.
new Boss is a bad moon feller since they gots the most boyz n teff.npc
deathskulls have the last headbanger.npc

Clan population Playable
Evil Sun 10 4
Bad Moon 17 3
Goff 4 2
Snakebite 8 2
Deathskull 9 1

Game notes:
Rogue Trader: Into the Storm p.56 orks, p67 Klans, p62 origins p66 IGNORE p67 players advance as table. Alternate advances can be taken but MUST be “paragoned” before returning to normal advance ranks. p92 Commando,p94 Mekboy p142 Ork gear
Dark Heresy: Creatures Anathema p96 p102 gear

Currency IS teeth and we will roll for Knockin’ Eads’ to get currency/gold/profit/infamy
Ubiquitous 1 , Abundant 2 , Plentiful 3 , Common 5, Average 8, Scarce 14, Rare 20, Very Rare 30,
Extremely Rare 50, Near Unique and Unique= " ‘Oye! Uze gots’ ‘De gobs! Come and takes it Frum’s ME!"

'Da Fort

Fate Points Are Quarters evnodd evnodd