Martin Luther

Black Templar Sorcerer (yes I said it, psychic Black Templar)


Martin Luther
Legionary Space Marine
Warband:Chosen Five
Archtype: Legion Sorcerer
Pride: Wealth
Disgrace: Gluttony
Motivation: Dominion
Description: 7’2", with a well built body builder physique. He has a beautiful non-scarred face despite endless combat, he has a love of dalliance with beautiful women and good wine. He wears spotless Space Marine Armor, taken of a loyalist Black Templar. The armor is well cared for, and at a general glance; even loyalist Marines cannot tell that Martin is a follower of Tzeentch.

WS: 40
BS: 30
S: 40+(20 for armor) (SB=10)
T: 50 (TB=9)
AG: 41
Int: 30
Per: 30
WP: 64
Fel: 52
Infamy: 63

Athletics (s) trained
Awareness (per) trained (heightened senses Sight/Hearing AND +10 to awareness tests)
Common Lore (int):
Deceive (fel): trained
Dodge (ag): trained
Forbidden Lore (int)
-Adeptus Astartes (tn)
-Horus Heresy and Long War (tn)
-Daemons (tn)
Linguistics (int):
-Low gothic (tn)
Navigation (surface) (int) (tn)
Operate (surface) (ag) (tn)
Parry (ws) (tn)
Psyniscience (perc) (tn)
Scholastic Lore: (int)
-occult (tn)
Tech Use (int) (tn)

Bulging Biceps
Legion Weapon Trng
Heightened Senses (hearing/sight)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resist (cold heat poisons)
Unarmed Warrior
Psy Rating (3)
lesser minion of chaos
Warp Sense
Peer-Mortal Followers of Tzeentch
Fear (2)

Unn Str (4)
Unn Tough (

Bolt Pistol
Force Staff (+10 Focus Power tests)
Combat Knife
Haywire Grenades (7 left)

Legion Power Armor
Legion Bolt Pistol
4 spare magazines
Force Staff

Rituals Known (229-230):
Call the Lord of skull’s soldier
Summon slaanesh’s handmaiden
Summon the Cackling Spellfiend


Infamy: 63
Corruption (34)
Insanity (5)

Psychic Powers:
Thought Sending
Mind Link

earned: 500+250+1250+1500
Total Spent: 3650
Unspent: 0

Advancement lists:
From Archtype free: Doombolt
From Archtype free: Thought Sending
From Archtype free: Mind Link

Creation: Tech Use (200)
Creation: lesser minion of chaos (250)
Skill-Scruitiny (200-Tz)
Talent-Blind fighting (250-Tz)
Talent-Warp Sense (250-Tz)
Skill-Fore Lore Xenos (200-Tz)
Skill-Fore Lore Inqusition (200-Tz)

Now alligned to Tzeentch
Willpower +5 (100-tz)
Willpower +5 (250-Tz)
Willpower +5 (500-Tz)
Psy Rating (3) (750-unaligned)
Child of the Warp (500-unaligned)

Alignment: Tzeentch 8 advancements, no other alignment advances

Armor: Legion Power armor (Careful Maintence history)
subsytems working:
-Sustained Power
-Auto Senses
-Osmotic Gill
Head, Arms, Legs (8)
Body (10)


Martin Luther was a Black Templar Marine in the days of the Horus Heresy. He came into psychic powers late in the war. He was good at what he did, and was never scarred in combat. His comrades thought he was touched by the fates. In reality: The Chaos Gods were watching out for him and were preparing him for greatness. Martin Luther sat out the last battles of the Great Letdown, and spent the next couple of millenia in hybernation. He awoke inside a Black Templar
Fortess-Flag Ship that was mothballed. This abandonment was the last straw, so he embraced his latent psychic powers and started research into the Occult. He found other individuals that would help him gather a dominion over the galaxy. During this he fell to seduction of various fallen Sisters of Battle. They showed him what money and ‘things’ could bring happiness. He gathered other loyal Marines he could use to further his goals and called his group the Chosen Five. Even though their are only 4 current members of the party, he thinks that when they find the final fifth member they will be able to approach apotheosis.

Martin Luther

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