Cadmos' former contact with the Imperium before he was discovered


WS 30
BS 30
S 30
T 40
Ag 30
Int 40
Per 40
WP 70
Fel 25
Inf 24

Pride: Devotion 5WP/-5S]
Disgrace: Gluttony [
Motivation: Ascendancy [-2Wnds/+5WP]

Skill: Awareness, Common Lore(Adeptus Astra Telepathica), Common Lore(Imperial Creed), Dodge, Forbidden Lore(Psykers), Intimidate, Linguistics(Low Gothic), Psyniscience, Trade(Linguist)

Talents&Traits: Psyker, Jaded, Weapon Training(Primary), Weapon Training(Las), Child of the Warp, The Quick and the Dead

Wounds: 10
Gear: Flak Cloak AC3, Psy-focus, data slate, good quality sword, common quality laspistol

Corruption: 5

PSY rating:4
Psychic Powers: Thought Sending, Psychic Scream, Mind over Matter, Telekenetic Shield


Lucian was a Primaris Psyker attached to an Imperial Guard Regiment on planet Samech near The Hadex Anomaly in Jericho Reach. While using his psychic powers to explore the world with an IG platoon one day, he receive a telepathic message from what he believe to be a trapped astropath on the planet. Leading the platoon commander to what he believed to be the origin of the message was a mistake though. As soon as the commander and his platoon opened what they thought to be a cave where the trapped astropath was, the deamon attacked and slaughtered them all except Lucian. He made Lucian an offer of salvation. If Lucian joined him in spreading chaos on the planet, the deamon would spare his life. Lucian went back to the Company Headquarters with false reports of what had happened. Upon hearing Lucians’ reports the planetary defense force advisor was intrigued as to how he escaped alive. The PDF advisor took him to a room by himself for questioning. Thinking the PDF advisor was going to kill him, he probed into the PDF advisors mind. Learning who he truely was and what had happened to him in the past, Lucian was dumbfounded. How could one of the Emperor’s finest Dark Angel be considered a betrayer and hunted for it? After telling his newfound ally, Cadmos, what really happened, he decided that the two of them should look out for each other now that they were both considered renegades. Now Lucian has started to embrace the gifts of the dark gods. He and Cadmos now travel various paths through the warp and vortexes in search of new ways to expose the truth behind the false emperor to so called loyalists.


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