Liggel Dyure

Gray haired ,wrinkely pale liver-spotted skin


Bronze breastplate with Aqulia prominent
Large Clunky looky Plasma pistol in a leather holster that is blackend
Ancient looking sabre with wires surrounding handle on hanger
Officers Uniform.


the person the party seems to interact with the most or find them selves asking" where’s the rogue trader?" Is his personal go to man when dealing with militarist types on board . Unlees the party absolutly needs the rogue trader the tender will take care of most of the parties day to day needs and whining. Thats his job and he does it very well. he will escort the party to most meetings or areas of the ship they need to go. See them off , and assign retainers for missions.
most prominent duty was quelling a mutiny due too some unknown object a team was bringing back.
he ordered the destruction of the object seeing that it was the cause of much panic among the visitors and navigators. He Invoked the Prayer to one of his men after they where threatened by the team to ensure destruction of the device.

Liggel Dyure

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