Fate Points Are Quarters

Tackle the Tau

After A Succesfull 14 day Ground War.
And the reinstalation of communications in the sector you are given Intel.
Of a Tau foward operations post for 6 months it has fought an unseen assaillaint in the nearby *
sustaning little or no casualities.
The Tau Force Disposition is as follows:
2 Mantas Full Complement
3 Orcas Full Complement
3 Tiger Sharks Full
5 Barracuda
32 auxillaiy staff present prior
1 Finely dressed man with a large black bike /w red sword and wing device. since removed

Only have ever seen 4 leader types in robes, 2 Crisis suits change weapons may be leaders always seems to take paired weapons. 20 stay the same configuration Busrt cannon /w Flamer. 12 have Busrt Cannon /w Missile pod. 2 are plasma and melta

Losses to date:
17 Fire Caste
1 Head hole leader ?
4 Auxialliary staff Earth caste
1 Air caste
5 Servants of the Emperor

Forces occuoppy and move from one planetary tarmac to another only 3 on surface but they operate in accordance with the seasons seeming tp prefer the hotter dryer clime when they can.

one is used little but to refuel and to allow the human to roam the wet and mudddy hillsides and tear up the loamy earth with his large bike escorted by a tiger shark and it cadre of drones.

All are standard open air style tarmac’s prefered by the tau. formerly imperial stc but repurposed to suit the new owner’s tastes.

the satellite defensive net has been repurposed easily also for the tau’s needs.

now that i have sent my transmission i endeavor it reachs Imperiam ears before it is to late. maps and pics are loaded into the packet i am sending praise the emperor it is not corrupted.

i will go search for my compatriats and see to what end they have met.




Players need to set Primary, Secondary and any tertiary gaols they wish to pursue plus any extra mission goals set forth in any preivios publication.

Each marine needs to have his Speciality listed at top and his load listed – basic and his requisitioned : seperatly on same card with cost of gear loadout with any changes to basic kit noted (ie dropped 3 frag and 3 krak because you never use them or you carry spare flamer bottles instead.)


evnodd evnodd

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